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Our Approach

We belong to the new generation of industries aware of sustainability. We want to be part of the solution in reducing the environmental impact of personal hygiene products. We are committed to the use of high-quality natural ingredients, the reuse of packaging and the elimination of single-use plastic, without causing drastic changes in consumer hygiene habits. With Soluto, we offer a small solution for a big problem.

Nuestro impacto

Fórmulas limpias y conscientes

Uno de nuestros objetivos es ser respetuosos con tu piel y con el planeta. Es por ello que formulamos con principios activos sostenibles y de alta calidad.


Imperfect environmentalists

Do you have a hard time being perfect with the environment? U.S. too! As being #ZeroWaste is practically impossible, we bet on imperfect environmentalism . Being an imperfect environmentalist is based on being aware of our environmental impact and being willing to make some changes to take care of the environment. The world does not need a few perfect environmentalists, but millions of imperfect environmentalists taking small actions every day. It's about being better, not perfect and at Soluto we help you do things a little better.

Una botella para infinitos usos

Con Soluto:

  • Una única botella equivale a infinitas duchas/usos.
  • Cada recarga equivale a una botella menos en los vertederos.
  • Reducimos el packaging hasta un 95%.
  • Eliminamos los envases de plástico de un solo uso.

Además, el sobre que contiene el jabón de Soluto es de papel 100% reciclable y se recicla en el contenedor azul.

Si todos nos sumásemos al cambio...

  • Evitaríamos el almacenamiento de miles de litros de agua.
  • Disminuiríamos la emisión de millones de kg de CO2.
  • Reduciríamos el consumo de millones de envases de plástico.
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